Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two characters

I'd like to introduce two chickens today, Honker and Topnotch. At left, you see Honker, so named because he is so honking big - easily twice the size of some of the little hens. He isn't particularly aggressive to other chickens, but he is the flock guardian, and pecks at any fingers which go near the cage. Honker is not long for this flock, as a result.

Topnotch is not so easily photographed, because s/he doesn't come near the door when I open it. Topnotch is hard to catch, but distinctive to pick out. Our neighbor calls this chicken Mohawk. We started with the assumption that Topnotch is a boy, for the rather illogical reason that only roosters could be this - sorry Topnotch - ugly. However, Topnotch is not aggressive with other chickens or with our hands, so perhaps Topnotch is, um, striking in her appearance. The downcurved beak gives an impression of ill temper which is not justified.

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Ser said...

Oh, your chickens are so cute. Even topnotch.

About your comment on my blog: It is hard for me to figure out how much Luke is still living in a fantasy world. We have been cracking down on him lately for lying, but it still isn't always clear to me if he realizes that he is lying. It is so fun to hear that Hazel did the same type of imagining in her mother's day book that Luke did in his.