Saturday, September 17, 2011

Construction for critters and keepers

It isn't quite square, and it wouldn't pass any building code inspections...but here is our bunny hutch, for nighttime use. Daytime, they romp around a fenced-in area of the basement; today we found Cecil in the dollhouse, watching TV in the living room. They don't like being caught in the evening, so I might have to cut off the legs, but I like the fact that I can sweep under it as it is. Emily and I built this together in the days right after we got back from seeing bunnies at the State Fair. (I don't know why the photo below keeps turning sideways for me, but here it is, anyway).

While we were making rabbitat, the days got shorter. The chickens have stopped laying, started a moult (feathers everywhere!), and are making more frequent visits to the front door. Are they jealous of the indoor animals? Or do they just sense that the people and food are all inside?Brian, meanwhile, has been working on human habitat outdoors - patio and back deck repairs. His work, considerably neater than ours, is worthy of showing off. As a reward, we got him a gas grill for his birthday.

I wonder if it is possible, with all of our animal poo, to bottle enough methane to cook dinner? Roast chicken, anyone? (Kidding!)