Monday, May 26, 2008

The Pool Season begins

Saturday the pool opened, and now we begin the season of chlorinated hair, sunscreen, eating dinner at the pool, and chatting with friends poolside while our children exhaust themselves. Because we walk there, we get a tiny dose of nature on our way there, but it is a totally different world from spending a day outside on a trail, or in the yard with the chickens.
For opening day, it was quite cold. I barely lasted in the water for 10 fast laps, and I wasn't any warmer at the end than after the first one. The girls got in and out several times, but eventually they found other entertainment. The bushes around the pool were covered with what my husband later identified as sawfly larvae - but they were just caterpillars to non-entomologists. The girls and two friends collected a whole bowlful, and twice we ran home to feed the caterpillars to the chickens. I anticipate that when the pheremone traps for Japanese beetles are set later in the summer, we're going to be emptying those into the chicken coop as well.
We also did all the usual first day of pool season events - limbo, line dancing, spray-on hair color, ice cream sundaes. Then Sunday, we went to see the Pirates play (they beat the Cubs 6-5 in 11 innings, after a very entertaining error by the Cubs right fielder let us make a tie game); we came home, and went back to the pool. Today, we went to a meeting at my work, and then went to...the pool. It's a tough life, here in O'Hara township, living 100 yards away from the pool.

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