Friday, May 16, 2008

A Better Looking Coop

After only about a week and a half of living with my first coop, I got tired of its inadequacies, and finally worked more on a coop which I hope will last the summer. This is heavy as can be - I did not splurge on lightweight, rot-resistant cedar, but instead used scrap 2x4's from our shed, plus a couple of pieces of plywood, plus extra roofing shingles and two new wheels from Home Depot. The axle situation probably won't last, but at least now the chickens will have more grass under their feet and more space to stay dry, and the coop moves well for now. This young rooster clearly associates me with either food or freedom. The roosters have started pecking at my fingers when I reach into change their water. This is not a good survival tactic!
Tonight I'm taking the girls with me back to Raccoon Creek State Park. I spent the night there last night in a shelter, with 5 students but no children. I slept pretty well, when the young woman next to me wasn't desperately and fearfully searching for scratching mice with her flashlight. Then we'll see if we can get up early, for tomorrow's soccer games.

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eva said...

I feel like when I see your chickens now, I am looking at family photos! They are getting SO big! I want more chicken pics!