Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is so much better than Webkinz

It is beautiful weather, and the kids are out scootering at the community center with their favorite neighbor friend. I have garden seedlings growing in the dining room, chicks in the garage. Emily has been trying to keep a Webkinz garden growing for months now (I have been reminding her to water it - I can't believe I'm *helping* her play a computer game!), but it seems we have finally entered the real, not virtual, outdoor life season again.
Today I have felt like I have a special chicken TV in the garage, but maybe that's just because I don't have a real TV. I watched one chick show the others how to peck at the numbers on the thermometer. Her (his?) aim was quite good, which is impressive for a 2 day old even if the critter is too little to recognize food yet. I watched another one taking mini-naps in front of the water trough. Each time his (her?) head would start to droop, he'd hit the water with his beak, wake up, and take a drink. The chick repeated this brilliant maneuver perhaps 6 times before I got distracted by another chick, perhaps the one who was crossing the brooder by stepping on the backs of all the other chicks. They are impossibly soft and silly little creatures.
I am really glad that the girls think that I got chickens for them, but the truth is, they are just plain adorable, and I am in love.

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