Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They're here!

FINALLY! The last waiting was the worst, as I got the call from the P.O. yesterday afternoon when I was stuck in meetings until 6:00, after the hatchery has *promised* they wouldn't come yesterday. But this morning the girls and I showed up at the P.O. at 7:15 and never has a package been handed over faster. The peeping must have been driving them mad.

Of the 25, we have 24 living, with only 1 looking like s/he might not make it long. Given the extra night at the P.O., I'm hardly surprised. What we have is a peeping mass of yellow, black, grey, with one golden-brown chick.

I'm letting the girls stay home for the first hour or two of school to play with them. This has been 7 months of anticipation in coming, and we are going to make the most of it!


eva said...

so exciting nancy! i wish i could see them too. i have another friend in pittsburgh who wants to raise chickens, maybe i can put him in touch with you so you can give him some tips...

Nancy said...

Heck, if we have enough survivors I will give him chickens! :)