Saturday, March 15, 2008

First crocus, chicken dreams

After the rude awakening of returning to Pittsburgh after semi-tropical Florida, we've really enjoyed some nice weather here this week. I am loving the long days and the lure of the garden. I already have enough seed packets that planting them would require more than double the garden space I have available.

Today I'm working on making a chicken house from recycled kitchen cabinets and window screens (I promise photos when I'm done). Total materials so far: 1 $10 kitchen cabinet, 2 small shutters (for ladders), 4 large window screens, 6 linoleum tiles (for roof pieces, though I found something better in our garage) - total cost (at Construction Junction): $28. Of course, it is all worthless if the coop doesn't work, but given that I found $1000 chicken houses on-line last night, I think this is at least a good start with the money supporting a store I really like. Given that I'm no carpenter, this promises to at least be creative. Functional? I guess we'll find out.


Ser said...

I remember one of my biggest mortifications in early high school was when my dad dug a hole in a hill for our "dog kennel" and then built a large fenced in area around it with chicken wire, broom handles, and the like. But your girls are younger. :)

Nancy said...

Your memory probably speaks very accurately of what the girls will think of me very soon and for a long time. Our camera must be in the car; I couldn't get a picture today. I'm proud of it, but it is certainly very much homemade.

However, I am ordering banty chicks tomorrow. This time, all girls. :)

jessica said...

I'm so jealous! We LOVED our 'girls' at the farm and were so sorry when we moved and had to give them up. Next summer we plan to get a small flock going again. I think it is so wonderful for kids to be around farm animals and chickens are just so lovely, aren't they???
How many and of what type was your last flock? Where are you ordering your banties from? We got 15 week pullets last time and I swear that when I do it again I'm going to get chicks.
I can't wait to see the coop photo - I may copy your plan next year if it turns out to be successful for you.