Friday, October 9, 2009

Update: Reprieve!

The application got cancelled after all - examination of alternatives to begin. I don't know what the next steps will be quite yet, but in any case, a whole lot of moms yesterday kept on calling when I had all but given up.

Back to rolling down grassy hillsides, as scheduled.


Faith Moser said...

Hi Nancy! I just saw the article in todays paper and I wanted to say BIG KUDOS & thank you to you and the other moms who fought to prevent the spraying of pesticides. If the schools occasionally sprayed a compost tea, fertilized, aerated, dethatched & reseeded it would make the soil much healthier and greatly reduce the weeds. There are lots of natural ways to treat the grass. Email me if I can be of help! And again, thanks for sticking up for all of the little ones! - An O'Hara Mom

Holly from Sustainable Suppers said...


My husband and I were vacationing in beautiful Boulder, CO last week, staying at the historic Chautauqua compound. Everything was idyllic...that is, until we woke up one morning to find little "Danger!" flags posted in the yard. Unfortunately, we had to trudge through said yard daily in order to reach our car. I'm still trying to understand what they were trying to kill: "weeds", in the already decreasing sunlight and temperatures, were close to nil.

How I wish more people knew and embraced what you know and teach. I so enjoyed interviewing you, and have been pressing your book into as many hands as I can. Congratulations on the school victory; here's to more and more people follow your lead.


~ Holly Hickman