Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring break in Kentucky

One of the only real bummers of all being in school - either teaching or learning - is that there
are at least 2 different times for spring break, ours and theirs. The bummer, though, is all for me and Brian, as the girls get to have something I always wished for in childhood, and rarely got: uninterrupted spoiling by grandparents. This past week the girls were down in my favorite yard on earth, with daffodils in bloom and spring in full swing, while their parents stayed here and worked.
It wasn't all bad for us, with dinners and evenings to ourselves. We made the best of it, all things considered. But these girls made out like bandits, with a midweek sleepover with neighbor friends, shopping, an early egg hunt, and a whole lot of playing outside, rain and shine both.
I went down to pick them up this weekend, and got to catch up with in-laws and with my parents. Dad is doing much better now - walking well, clear-headed, and with lots of physical therapy at a good rehab place. Even he got to come home and snuggle and play dollhouse with them. I got to go to the Arboretum, though not as much as I'd have liked. Pittsburgh is my present: exciting, beautiful, with good jobs for us and school for the girls. But Kentucky continues to tug at me, with nostalgia of my own childhood, and with the joy of watching the girls make a place for themselves there, too.

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