Monday, March 16, 2009

Watching, like, a hawk

Today, while walking around the track at the girls' school, waiting for them to get out and walk home with me, I noticed a red tailed hawk, peering down from the football goalpost. It flew away before I could get a good photo myself, but I still felt graced, somehow, just being near this fierce bird. And hopeful - after all the insults we threw at this bird (guns and DDT primary among them), given the slightest chance, it came back.
Not everyone, or every animal, can take advantage of second chances. Today's National Geographic announced that the fungus which may be responsible for extinction of many frogs is becoming better understood, and offering a twinge of hope; but still, I will never see a live model of the golden toad from Monteverde, which my cousin Brigid has a photo of from the year of my birth.
My wish today is for people to soak up some of the fierceness, focus, and resiliency of this gorgeous bird, and put all of that energy into giving as many second chances as we can. That way, the hawk can stay focussed on catching the mice I scare out of the grass in the school's field.

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Veronica Vazquez said...

Very cool. So, you know how Ithaca High School's "mascot" is the Little Red? Like it is purely a feeder for Cornell. I was talking to a teacher there once about how creepy this was to me and also how odd it is when the school mascot is something like a tiger which is non-native to the region. I suggested IHS mascot could be the red tailed hawk because there are plenty of them around and it maintains the "red" part without going overboard. She was surprised when I said they were common birds and said that she'd never seen one. I told her, well, they have certainly seen you!