Sunday, February 22, 2009

Testing the waters, again

It seems Emily is just wired this way. Wherever the edge, she will find it and explore it - whether the edge consists of rules or limits or spaces. Despite her experience a few weeks ago finding the soft spot in the ice, yesterday we went to Squaw Valley, and again, the ice was seemingly irresistable. This time, too thin for skating, but still tempting to poke at with a toe, trying to see how strong it is, what it would take to break through.
Testing the limits isn't all bad, of course. This is exploration, too - pioneering, if you will. Yesterday I managed to convince Emily to explore with just one foot, but at the same time I couldn't help being proud seeing her lead her sister into the fun. Because Hazel, despite being all into dresses and clothes and all things pretty, is pretty daring herself. They don't get it from me - I nearly always let my fears get the better of me - but perhaps that makes it all the more fun for the girls. I walk safely around the track at the park, observing plants, with their roots holding tightly to a single location. The girls, meanwhile, were looking for adventure, and yesterday they managed to find just the right amount. Each went home with muddy, wet shoes, but dry socks; with dirt on backsides and knees, but warm dry skin underneath. It was a perfect outing.


Ser said...

Really, you aren't daring? I think you are, at least in comparison to me. Remember biking through the middle of the dark streets on our way to the half marathon? I would have ridden on the sidewalk by myself, for sure. And I have always found your attituted toward germs quite daring. :)

I think Emily's testing of limits will serve her quite well throughout her life. Yes, she might drive you batty in the process. Oh, and I love that picture!

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