Friday, December 19, 2008

The importance of dirt on children

I confess, friends - I usually gloss over your Christmas letters, barring overnight jail stays in foreign countries (Donovan, I hope your letter isn't so exciting this year!) or news I really haven't heard in any form. But this paragraph from Vik and Erika really stood out, not just as an example of fantastic childcare, but of the ideal life for young children.

"They went outside every day, rain or shine, and thought it was great to do things like give the kids cups at a water table and allow them to soak each other. Usually when Erika went to pick up Connor, he usually was in no rush to come home, and the layers of dirt and grime on his face and clothes was amazing. But his grin was huge, and that was all that mattered. Connor loved being able to roam around outside and jump in puddles."

Now, why doesn't NAEYC certification include a column on: gets children muddy and happy?
Here's my wish for 2009: May your days feature grass, mud, and grins, and may all your childcare providers play outside...


Hannah said...

I loved that paragraph too! And it made me so happy to know that Ellie is in a preschool like that. It is easy to assume that all schools are the same way, so nice to have a moment to realize how lucky we are to have Ellie in such a fantastic place. I can't even get my head around the fact that many schools have abolished recess entirely.

James said...

I had no idea schools were abolishing recess. What a shame, it's good to be outside in the dirt!