Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, after Emily's soccer game, we did what we've all wanted to do for weeks...go to Animal Friends, and select ourselves a sturdy, playful, and affectionate indoor cat. Tiggy is 6 years old, and though kittens we met were more playful, Tiggy was the one who played with us *and* caressed herself on our hands only moments after meeting. She's a polite lady, and though she's explored the undersides of all the beds in the house, she's not so much as hissed at all the strange chaos of our house, and she has also come out to play and cuddle as well.

I haven't given up on a menagerie in my future (chickens, horses, goats), I have given up that I have the time or land or facilities or energy to give in my present life. We're all honored that Tiggy is learning to trust us already, and looking forward to life with a companion to keep house for us and returning home each afternoon to a critter-friend.

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