Monday, February 11, 2008

What to do outside in winter?

This is what my husband did with Emily on Saturday. It was 40 degrees out, perfect for skiing for beginners who might fall often. I don't think there was much communing with nature, but there was certainly a lot of skill and strength involved, plus just plain guts. All useful outdoor skills.

On Sunday, it was windy, with the temperature dropping about 30 degrees from dawn until nightfall. Highly unpleasant. Our outdoor trips involved dashing for the car.

This morning, I looked out the window and could tell the temperature because the birds at our feeders looked fluffy. It was, in fact, 6 degrees. This looks like a nice plump mourning dove, but it is "our" flicker, the largest regular visitor to our suet. The female cardinal, who refused to be still long enough for a portrait, looked so fluffy that Hazel thought she must be pregnant. I looked at her and put on my long underwear.

I'd like to think we'd bundle up and go out anyway, but call me a wimp. We stayed inside and watched the feeder. I hope there is school tomorrow!

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